2017 was an amaizingly successful year for us. We have launched our flagship product, the S-Holder. Through a carefully planned and executed KickStarter campaign, it raised 101k$. During the year it became an essential wardrobe element of more than 10k gentleman. To celebrate the trust of our customers, we have also designed a limited red&black edition, which sold out during the Black Friday period.


The increased demand for our products has led us to believe we are on the right path and made us realize we are in a desperate need of reinforcements. Our team now consists of 5 extremely diligent manufacturers, a PR & content creation expert, two graphic & digital designers, two accountants, a photography enthusiast and a logo printing professional. The team is precisely navigated by our dear CEO, Nik, who also manages relationships with a growing number of partners all around the globe.

We have strengthened and expanded our cooperation with our largest distributor & partner, NV Holders Denmark. Furthermore, we have opened two new subsidiaries in Brazil and Hungary. Our gentleman assortment is also available in two Nara Camicie stores in Slovenia, in Saarni’s Gentleman boutique in Finland and in Ziani Gent boutique in New York City. For those who wish to grab one of our premium shirt stays online, they can do so at Shark Tank Taiwan or at our own ever improving web store.




In 2018, we are not looking to slow down. We have already reached partnership agreements with a couple online retailers, which include Amazon US, Search C (Hong Kong) and Noova.co (France), as well as with a physical one in the Netherlands (Distro). We will strive to keep the pace up and to add as many as possible in the year that’s coming. Along with the previous partners, they will be equipped with some fresh additions to our offering. The most anticipated ones are the W-Holders, followed by our own bracelet line for gentleman.

Our business attitude and passion for growth will continue to require smooth operations and maximized responsivness, which will dictate further additions to our team. If you once wish to become one of us, make sure to follow our social media closely. 2018, we are ready – bring it on!

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